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May" of " Wulfhild ductrix " 266. The Treaty of Birgham Jul 1290 confirmed the Queen's betrothal and that Scotland would retain its independence after the marriage took place 593. . Knud Svendsen, son of svend I "Tveskæg/Forkbeard" King of Denmark his first wife Šwiętosława Gunhild of Poland (995-Shaftesbury, Dorset, bur Winchester Cathedral, Old Minster). . King in Vestfold, based at Tunsberg, and " promised to become a good ruler ". . He succeeded his brother in 1018 as knud I "den Storre/the Great" King of Denmark, leaving England for Denmark to take possession in 1019. . The Icelandic Annals record the marriage in 1302 of " Hafthorerus domini Johannis Rufi filius " and " Agnesam Haqvini regis filiam " 615. . The Saga of King Sverre names " an illegitimate son of Earl Erling named Sigurd a foster-son of King Sverri " as one of the conspirators with " Halkel son of Jon Hallkelsson " 527. Snorre names " Thora, Joan's daughter " as mother of King Olav's son Magnus 353. The Ynglinga Saga names " Alfhild, a daughter of King Alfarin of Alfheim " as the wife of Gudröd "the Hunter". . These sons are not named in the Sagas and have been omitted from this document. The name of Olaf's wife is not known. . After the death of Guthorm's fosterfather at Tunsberg, King Harald installed his son Guthorm as chief in his place. . The Ynglinga Saga names Halfdan "the Mild" as the son of King Eystein, recording his death at Holtar in Vestfold and burial at Borre. M FIN Arnesson, son of arne his wife - (-1062). .

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William of Malmesbury alludes to the same episode when he says that Harald " was exposed to a lion, for having ravished a woman of quality, and strangled the beast by the bare strength of his arms " 315. . Snorre records that King Harald gave Jarl Thore his daughter " Alof, called Arbot " after the king confirmed him as Jarl of Möre. Snorre names " Ingerid, a daughter of Sigurd Syr and Asta " as the mother of Gudrun, daughter of Nefstein 301. Morkinskinna records the betrothal of King Óláfr and King Sveinnhis daughter Ingirídr, dated to soon after his accession as sole king in Norway 351. . The Norwegian kings between 13re shown in outline form only in Chapter 2 of this document. .

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King Harald his wife had one child:. M margret Skulesdatter, daughter of skule Baardsson his wife Ragnhild - (-1270). . Olav Haraldsson had one son:. He defeated the Wends, a Slavish people from the southern shore of the Baltic, who were attempting to expand into Denmark. . Acknowledged as heir to the throne by the magnates of Scotland in Feb 1284, she succeeded her grandfather in 1286 as margaret Queen of Scotland, although her succession was considered provisional depending whether her grandfather's widow was pregnant. . Morkinskinna names Guthormr at Rein as father of Bárdr, the father of King Ingi and Skúli jarl 498. . Snorre names " Emund, Astrid, Holmfrid " as the children of King Olof by his massage skanstull gratis datingsidor concubine Edla, specifying that Astrid was brought up in West Gautland in the house of Egil 255. . Snorre names Thora Mosterstang " from Mosterconnected with Kare Aslakson of Hordaland " as the mother of King Harald's son Haakon. Norwegiæ regis " is dated Nov. The Historia Norwegie names " Siwardum Lioma " as third son of " EricusBlothex " his wife 173. . Snorre names (in order) " Dag, Hring, Gudrod Skiria and Ingigerd " as the children of King Harald and his wife Alvhild 120. The Ynglinga Saga records that Gudröd "the Hunter" proposed marriage to Asa, daughter of Harald "Redbeard" king at Agder, after the death of his first wife, but was refused. . Snorre records the birth of Magnus son of King Sigurd and Borghild, stating that he " was sent immediately to Halogaland to be fostered at Bjarkey by Vidkun Jonson " 420. Thorer was the half-brother of Eystein's paternal grandfather King Olav (see above). . He was captured after ex-king Magnus was killed, tortured and killed, his body being carried to " Alaborg and interredin Mary church in that town " 447. Morkinskinna records that Magnus expelled Sveinn, the son of Haraldr flettir (Despoiler) from Trondheim, forcing him to flee to Denmark where he remained until he became reconciled with King Eysteinn Magnusson 366. . Snorre names Sigurd as son of King Magnus, when recording that his father installed as chief over the Orkney islands after expelling earls Paul and Erlend 395. . Snorre names " Eyvind Skreyja and Alf Askman " as brothers of Gunhild, when recording that they joined the army of Harald Eirikson and were killed in battle 138. . The Annales Lubicenses refer to the wife of " Ericus dux " as " filiam Haquini regis Norwegiæ " 614. . M thirdly ljot Torfinnsson Jarl of Orkney, son of thorfinn I "Hausakliffer/Skullcleaver" Jarl of Orkney his wife Grelad of Caithness (-killed in battle). The Saga of King Sverre names " Eirik said to be a son of King Sigurd Haralsson " and records that he proved his claim by ordeal of fire, in a later passage stating that King Sverre " gave oversight of Trondheim to his brother. Trygve his wife had three children: a) ingibjÖRG Trygvesdatter. . He was murdered on the orders of his wife. C) olav Trygveson (posthumously 968 Orkney-drowned Øresund. Snorre names " Harald Gille's third daughterMargaret who was married to Jon Halkelson, a brother of Simon " 473. Snorre records that Björn " made a good and suitable marriage " but does not name his wife 235. His uncle King Haakon I appointed Trygve to defend Viken in 946 200. . The name of King Sigurd's fifth mistress is not known. " Eirikr MagnusNoreghs konongr son Magnus konongs " donated property to St Olav's church, Nidaros by charter dated 580. . The Historia Norwegie names " Gudrodus " as son of " Bernofilius Harald Comati " 236. .

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