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of the dead were "involved in the fighting". "UN Fact-finding Mission report on Gaza flotilla  Press Conference". Archived from the original on Retrieved Paterson, Tony. Retrieved "Israel apologises for spoof video mocking Gaza flotilla". "Customs officials deny Israeli claims weapons were onboard". Retrieved Benhorin, Yitzhak (1 September 2011). match vom escort gothenburg The prosecutor reportedly also approached Turkish intelligence, seeking a list of Israelis involved in the operation. "White House backs Israeli internal inquiry into Gaza flotilla deaths". "Israel admits mistakes in boarding ship". Condemns Israeli flotilla raid; calls for investigation". Stuart Littlewood (6 September 2011). "Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla sparks international outrage". Israel had warned the flotilla to abort their mission, describing it as a provocation. Speedboats were prevented from approaching the Mavi Marmara by throwing broken dishes and metal chains. 323 On, the Turkish Justice Ministry announced that the State Prosecutor's Office had completed its probe into the raid. Kyzer, Liel; Yair, Ettinger.


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"Thousands protest across Lebanon against flotilla killings". The soldiers encountered verbal abuse, and attempts were made to shove soldiers. "Israeli marines were held during ship raid-witness: Soldiers freed after Israel agreed to airlift wounded". 9 11 The ships were towed to Israel. 298 299 The four-member panel also included Álvaro Uribe, outgoing Colombian president, as vice chair, and one representative each from Israel and Turkey. Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp. The soldier's captors escaped, and the Israeli commander pulled the knife out of his body and jumped overboard along with a second soldier. On the Turkish ship. "Report: Turkey to defuse Israeli Navy weapons". At the same time, the speedboats trailing the ship approached again. "Palmer 'Inquiry' Whitewashes Blockade". "Israel eyes impound of ships breaking Gaza blockade". 4 Video footage shows the "hardcore group" activists prepared before the raid, praying together while wearing uniforms, taking their gas masks and makeshift weapons, and getting into position. 7, five of the activists who were killed had previously declared their desire to become shaheeds. Retrieved b c "Israeli Raid on Gaza Aid Flotilla Broke Law UN Probe". 193 They also said that treatment depended on their skin colour, ethnicity and if they had a Muslim-sounding name. 320 On 26 September, the MIT, Turkey's national intelligence agency, submitted to the state prosecution a list of 174 Israelis it claimed were involved in the raid. "Q A: The gratis porrfilm på nätet datingsiter Gaza Freedom flotilla". Retrieved Barbara, Philip; Palmer, Doug. 103 The activists seized his gun and beat him as he attempted to fight them off with his back to the hull. IDF Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi testified to Israel's Turkel Commission that the IDF had fired 308 live rounds and about 350 bean bag rounds and paintballs. 43 Israel formed the Turkel Committee to investigate the raid. He said: "We have no trust at all that Israel, a country that has carried out such an attack on a civilian convoy in international waters, will conduct an impartial investigation. "IDF Chief of the General Staff,. Geoffrey Palmer, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, presided over the committee. "Deadly Israeli raid draws condemnation". Archived from the original on Retrieved Glickman, Aviad. Turkey demanded that Israel apologize, pay compensation to the deceased's families, and lift the Gaza blockade, and stated that it would be impossible to renew normal ties with Israel otherwise. 153 The Turkish government sent Turkish Red Crescent personnel to Israel to treat the injured. "Riots in Umm al-Fahm over naval raid on Gaza aid flotilla". 166 Return of ships At midday on 180 Israeli Navy tugboats towed ships of the aid convoy to the Israeli port of Ashdod, 207 where the ships were impounded by Israeli authorities. 146 The dead were taken to their hometowns, where they were buried in individual funerals. Text 11 The Turkish Grand National Assembly held a debate on whether to impose sanctions on Israel, and eventually came out with a statement criticizing the attack as illegal, demanding that Israel apologize, pay compensation, and prosecute those involved, and calling on the Turkish government. They were taken to an inside room and medically treated by the activists, who left the knife in the commander's stomach. Archived from the original on 8 September 2010. Retrieved 8 November 2014. 51 The Israeli Supreme Court, which rejected several local legal suits against the flotilla raid, wrote in its verdict, "the soldiers were forced to respond in order to defend their lives." 52 Five shipments had been allowed through prior to the 200809 Gaza War, but. Text 9 text 10 Fehmi Bülent Yldrm said activists had rushed some of the soldiers and snatched their weapons, but had thrown them overboard without using them. According to the unhrc fact-finding mission, passengers were subject to various forms of abuse.

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